Programable silicon photonics with phase change chalcogenides

The ChAMP program has been investigating the use of phase change materials in integrated silicon photonics to build reconfigurable optical routers.

The concept is to use a pixelated pattern of phase change chalcogenide material on top of a multimode interference waveguide (MMI) to guide light towards a selected output.

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Extruding chalcogenide glass for optical fibre

Core-clad GLS-Se optical fibre
Core-clad GLS-Se optical fibre from extruded preform*

ChAMP has demonstrated for the first time fabrication of a core-clad GLS-Se glass-based optical fibre using extrusion. For initial demonstration two glass compositions similar in thermal and mechanical characteristics were chosen, with only a 5wt% difference of Ga2Se3 between core and cladding. Billets of 30mm in diameter and different thicknesses were fabricated using established and repeatable melt quenching process in our facilities

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More on Chalcogenide glass development at Laser World of Photonics

Visit us at Stand 121 Hall B2 at LASER World of Photonics in Munich 24-27 June 2019 to learn more of the latest developments in Chalcogenide glass development including the latest moulded lens samples, progress in optical fibre development and extended infrared transmission.

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Sellmeier Coefficients for GLS glass


In response to many requests from optical designers and using the latest visible to infrared index data for GLS glass we are pleased to release the full Sellmeier coefficients for GLS. Use of the following coefficient enables the refractive properties of GLS lenses to be modelled in most common lens design programs.

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Plenty of interest in GLS chacogenide glass at DCS

ChAMP have been exhibiting all week at SPIE’s Defense and Commercial Sensing meeting in Baltimore with plenty of industry interest in the GLS family of glasses

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Anti-reflection coatings

In partnership with Artemis Optical,  anti-reflection coating of GLS chalcogenide glass has been demonstrated.  This reduces reflections from GLS glass surfaces to <1%, significantly lower than the ~28% reflection from the uncoated glass that is a result of its high refractive index. ARcoating_a.jpg with Testing of the coated optics, shows them passing industrial standard adhesion, abrasion and solubility tests without problem and passing humidity and temperature environmental testing.

Initial test were for unoptimized coatings designed for the 3-5micron waveband. Please contact us to discuss collaborations on broader-band and lower loss coatings.

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Infrared sensing and imaging : Challenges for next generation materials and devices

Presentations from the Infrared sensing and imaging : Challenges for next generation materials and devices meeting in Exeter on 15 November 2017 are now available

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