ChAMP Partnership Day

The Chalcogenide Advanced Manufacturing Partnership project will be launched with an open industry day and conference on 9 March 2015 at the University of Southampton.  The day will feature presentations from the academic and industry project partners in sessions on:-

  • Understanding Chalcogenides
  • Chalcogenides in industry
  • Emerging applications
  • Working together
    •  plus opportunities to tour the Zepler Institute clean rooms and composite materials facilities at the University of Southampton.

For details see the full on-line program.  The event is free to attend but advanced on-line registration is required.

The day will run alongside Photonex Southampton, featuring an exhibition of 30 companies dedicated to photonics technologies, lasers, optics, optoelectronics, advanced materials and imaging plus Professional development photonics tutorials being presented by companies and industry specialists.

Photonex Southampton

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