About ChAMP

ChAMP brings a together world-class, inter-disciplinary UK team, comprising physicists, chemists, engineers and computer scientists, with expertise spanning fundamental ab initio materials simulations, material discovery, advanced materials manufacturing and characterisation, and state-of-the-art design and device development with the aim of:-

  • Establishing a world-leading chalcogenide research and manufacturing facility
  • Discovering new and optimize existing compositions within this glass family
  • Nurturing existing & develop new links to industry & help them exploit chalcogenide materials
  • Developing device demonstrators in key application areas, including electronics, non-linear optics, telecommunications and active and passive infrared components
  • To partner with UK academia nationwide, beyond the partners within this collaboration, giving them the opportunity to explore new and emerging applications of chalcogenides

Melting Chalcogenides in controlled atmosphereThis consists of leading academics from Southampton, Exeter, Oxford, Cambridge and Heriot-Watt Universities, all of whom work extensively with chalcogenides.  Combined the investigators have  published 220 journal papers and made some 93 keynote and invited international presentations.

This team will be augmented by over 15 industrial collaborators, from large multi-nationals to SMEs, and will be guided by an Advisory Board with representatives from Industry, Innovate_UK, Defence and Academia.  The level of expertise within this team provides the greatest background experience and synergy that a UK programme in chalcogenides has ever benefited from.

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