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Transmission of extended transmission GLS

The enhanced infrared performance of a new modified Gallium Lanthium Sulphide (GLS) chalcogenide glass family is illustrated in this transmission curve.  Details of the modification and the range transmission achieved are in Dan Hewak’s latest presentation. The strong bonding and … Continue reading

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New Chalcogenide coating collaboration

Building on ChAMP, the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) and Plasma App Ltd are collaborating in a one-year £150k feasibility study exploring novel thin film coating technology and applications for Gallium Lanthanum Sulphide (GLS) Chalcogenide glass

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Latest ChAMP glass demonstrates extended IR transmission

With a new glass formulation, ChAMP has extended the transmission of high durability non-toxic chalcogenide glasses from the visible to the thermal infrared LWIR band Images show a thermal LWIR image from 7-14 microns being simultaneously transmitted through the same … Continue reading

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Next generation visible to thermal IR imaging with single glass

In operation at SPIE Security + Defence and Remote Sensing meeting in Edinburgh 27-28 September 2016

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Lastest Chalcogenide Glass developments

Prof Dan Hewak, presented the latest ground breaking developments on chalcogenide glasses developed in ChAMP on Wednesday 28 September 2016 at SPIE Security + Defence and Remote Sensing meeting in Edinburgh. 17:10 paper 9989-2 Dan’s full presentation on next generation … Continue reading

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New refractive index data on GLS glass now available

We have recently obtained new infrared ellipsometry data for our Gallium Lanthium Sulphide glass giving more accurate refractive index measurements to 10um. If you would like more detailed n or k data in this spectral region please contact us. The … Continue reading

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Chalcogenide Workshop

As part of the Glass Reflections Conference ChAMP are orgainising a one day workshop on Chalcogenides on 9 September 2015 at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge. To attend please register with the day rate for the Chalcogenide workshop or … Continue reading

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Chalcogenide fibres light the way for brain-like computing

Computers that function like the human brain, using optical fibres made of chalcogenide glass, could become a reality according to new research.

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Glass purity – reducing loss, extending operation, enabling applications

A key focus of Champ is to continue the work conducted under the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Photonics on reducing contamination and impurities in Chalcogenide glass.  A long-term focus on purifying raw materials and optimising the manufacturing process … Continue reading

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ChAMP Partnership Day Video & Presentations

If you weren’t able to make the ChAMP Partnership day on 9 March 2015, this short video will give you a flavour of the atmosphere. Presentations and posters from the day are now also available giving an overview of the … Continue reading

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