Chalcogenide manufacturing partnership- the sequel

The grant underpinning the current Chalcogenide Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (ChAMP) is due to finish in early 2021. We are now in final stages of defining a follow-on program of work. Built around the feedback we have received from our many industrial and academic collaborators this will focus on:-

  • Synthesize of raw materials to atomic level purity at scale.
  • Enabling highly repeatable bulk glass fabrication including scaling to large format/diameter glass melts.
  • Innovate new characterisation solutions supporting traceable uniformity and yield over time.
  • Shaping and forming materials to nanoscale precision with industrially relevant tolerances
  • Develop precision coatings for protection and functionality

Reproducibility and formation of bulk glass at scale are at the core of our future plans to address the final technical hurdles to widespread adoption of the gallium lanthanum sulphide family of glasses.

We are currently seeking letters of support for this program of work. This support is essential to winning funding for this program of work. Please contact us to discuss support and mechanisms, requirements for letters of support and a summary of our planned program of work.

ChAMP has enabled a dedicated focus on the processing, characterisation and application testing of the gallium lanthanum sulphide and selenide family of glasses. Over 300 next generation chalcogenide samples have been distributed around the world, with moulding, diamond turning and coating demonstrated in collaboration with industry. Infrared transmission has been substantially extended and durability under harsh environmental conditions proven. Most recently major advances have also been made in optical fibre fabrication. If you would like more information on these advances we are happy to share a summary presentation.

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