ChAMP Partnership Day breaks records

Combining with the Photonex Southampton exhibition, brought 231 people to the CHAMP partnership day on 9 March to mark the launch of the project to advance the manufacture of Chalcogenide glasses and demonstration their applications – a record breaking audience for such an event at Southampton.

Prof Hayden ChAMP partnership day

Prof Brian Hayden explaining the potential of hIgh throughput screen of advanced material compositions and how it can be applied to Chalcogenides

Talks from the work package leaders at Southampton, Heriot-Watt, Exeter, Oxford and Cambridge Universities were welcomed by an audience including over 100 representatives from across UK industry.  Industrial partners also provided valuable insights into how these glasses can be processed and what is driving their adoption in both passive and active applications.

Presentations from the day will be posted here shortly.

ChAMP would like to thank partners,presentors, exhibitors and all the University and Xmark Media staff who made the day such a sucess.

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