Latest ChAMP glass demonstrates extended IR transmission

With a new glass formulation, ChAMP has extended the transmission of high durability non-toxic chalcogenide glasses from the visible to the thermal infrared LWIR band

Visible imaging with extended GLS glass

Visible imaging through extended GLS glass

Visible imaging through extended GLS glass

Simultaneous thermal imaging and visible edge recognition imaging through extended GLS glass

Images show a thermal LWIR image from 7-14 microns being simultaneously transmitted through the same glass as the visible image. With a glass formulation specifically chosen for its strong covalent bonding this new glass also has a transition temperature of over 450C, more than twice as high as other common chalcognides. This makes extended GLS physically, mechanically and chemically robust and compatible with molding and diamond turning. Opening the way to a new generation of light weight single optic simultaneous multiband visible, short-wave, mid-wave and long-wave imaging camera systems for applications in security, industrial and medical sensing.

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